Apr 8, 2016

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March 2016 Neighbors Magazine

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Many of our customers enjoyed seeing the article featuring On Budget Tree Service in the several Ocala Neighbors magazines published by Best Version Media. These include SE Neighbors, SW Neighbors, Downtown Neighbors, Life at the Creek (Stone Creek) and Neighbors (On Top of the World). If you didn’t see the article and would like to read a little background on our company, I have pasted the 2 pages below. Enjoy!

Tree-sa Wheeler (352) 322-6305

On Budget Tree Service LLC

Download page 1 of the article here

Download page 2 of the article here

It is Storm Season – Again!

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Yes – It is Storm season….again!

Every year at this time, we are swamped with calls asking for help to remove trees that have come down on houses and cars, blocking drives and walkways, causing downed power lines and mass confusion.
Several of our customers have taken our advice to take preemptive action by scheduling their trees to be trimmed appropriately for the storms that are sure to come. Making this very simple phone call action before its raining with high winds and lots of drama saves money, valuable time and greatly reduces very real danger to your life and property.
This year we have experienced about a 20% increase in calls to  provide preemptive trimming or removal of all sizes and types of trees in preparation of the coming storms.
One entire neighborhood has requested a quote for us to trim and remove trees from 14 different properties.  This number represents about half of the homes in the community.
The management of the development has requested we meet with their safety and grounds director to view each of these properties together with our estimating staff to move the process forward efficiently.
This is the very best way to reduce cost to everyone and pass that savings on to our customers. There is the added benefit of having management alerted in advance and granting approval for the work in a timely manner.
The price quote is free. There is no obligation and you have plenty of time to make a decision without the pressure of high winds and rain.
Please call Tree-sa (352) 322-6305
On Budget Tree Service