Ask for Advice, Then Take It

A wise man says, “You asked my advice and I gave it freely. What you chose to do with it is your choice. Do not blame me when your own ignorance turns out badly.” Sometimes our tree assessments are ignored, or are put off until a more convenient time. In the meantime, limbs or whole trees have gone over, causing much more in property damage costs than the original estimate was for the Preventative measures.

“The storm is headed our way! Can you do my service NOW?” Please do not assume you can get tree service done the same day you call. Most tree services need a minimum of a week or two to schedule a job. So plan ahead and save yourself worry and stress. Emergencies are dealt with as quickly as possible but are generally more costly than scheduled work.

Do not delay your inevitable tree work until it is too late to save your property or your life. We will work with our customers to stay within a budget and may be able to accept partial payments over a few months. Your Safety truly is our #1 concern.

“Trees-a” Wheeler

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