Is Your Tree Loosing Limbs?

Over the years we have dealt with many Laurel Oaks, also referred to as water oaks. These trees store water in their trunk and over time they rot and hollow from the inside out. Signs to be aware of are large branches falling to the ground. Small branches shed from trees frequently and are of no immediate concern, but when your tree looses larger limbs it is a sign that the health of the tree in in question. Assessments need to be made and removal is sometimes necessary.

So, give us a call when you notice your large oak trees loosing limbs larger than your arm. Look up in your tree at the base of any fork or large limb. If you see dark or black streaks, large or small cracks in the connections, give us a call for an assessment. We will give you our opinion whether the tree needs to be trimmed of dead wood or removed and replaced with a healty Tree.

Teresa “Trees-a” Wheeler

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