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Trees R Us

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OK, we admit, we are tooting our own horn here, but we can’t help it! We want you to know that On Budget Tree Service is more than just saws and equipment. Our team makes up the heart of our business.

Bob is a great example of this, after cutting down a large looming oak tree leaning dangerously close to one of our customer’s homes, Bob grabbed his chain saw and fashioned these three children’s chairs for our customer’s 3 boys. Aren’t they great! Bob has a real talent in crafting beautiful pieces from wood, here are two more examples of the kind of beauty he can create.

Another way that On Budget Tree Service is unique, we leave your yard more beautiful than we found it. No ruts from heavy bucket trucks, no strewn branches all over the place. We love a tidy safe yard, and that’s what we deliver.

Palm trees overgrown and looking ugly? We sculpt them to sheer elegance. Branches hanging down in odd places? We make your trees majestic again!

Call Tree-sa today, 352-322-6305, for a free walk through of your yard, she can point out potential dangerous situations, and save you money, and make your yard beautiful and safe from falling branches and potential windblown trees.

Seasons Greetings?

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Tis The Season in Ocala!  No, not Christmas season but Storm Season.

All of us who live in the Ocala area get a little nervous this time of year because the storm and hurricane season has arrived once again to wreck havoc on our little piece of paradise.
So many beautiful trees were damaged one year ago in Oak Run, Palm Cay, Spruce Creek and our unparalleled historical district, which will all be in danger once again this season. So often we have clients ask for meaningful, effective advice on what they could have done to prevent the horrific damage to their trees, house, cars and other valuable property.
We have given this question considerable attention in the past but most people don’t think anything will happen to them. They are usually correct but when the dice roles against them and their number is up it causes big trouble. That is when the frantic calls flood in asking for immediate help.
Of course, we want to help everyone but usually we must triage the situation and help move the trees off houses, cars, streets and away from buildings first. That said, there is considerable damage left over that we can correct later.

Unfortunately, this is also the time when another plague rushes in to take full advantage of people who didn’t take precautions to minimize the potential damage to their trees & property. When a storm crushes a home or badly damages a neighbor’s property (or worse) the out of town “storm chasers” come rushing in to pick the pockets of our citizens in their hour of need. We have seen this happen after every storm.

How can you greatly reduce the chances of a storm knocking down your trees, damaging your property and that of your neighbor?  Great news! It’s much easier than you think!
Talk to your neighbors about several home owners contracting with a trusted tree professional here in Ocala and forming a collective buying club. There are many benefits for each member of the club but mostly each member will have confidence when a stormhits that everything they could have done has been done.
Each member will save considerable cash because your contractor knows where his crew will be working for several days, what they will need to accomplish the work and the crew can go from one house to the next without mobilizing for each and everyday. This is a very efficient way to greatly reduce serious issues for the home owner and save considerable money for the contractor who then passes the savings on to the members.

Of course, there is no formal “membership” or “club” . You can simply call it Neighborhood 2 beautification club if you want. Someone should be the negotiator but no one can obligate anyone else. Each home owner would speak with the contractor and agree on the work to be performed and the cost. If a healthy tree is trimmed properly before the arrival of a storm the chances of that tree surviving the storm are greatly improved. If the trimmed trees fail during the storm it would have failed for sure if it had not been trimmed.

Protect yourself from unscrupulous Storm Chasers, reduce your tree  management costs, sleep well at night, benefit from improving your neighborhood, get a good working relationship with your tree professional and save money too!

Your questions and comments are always welcome.

Thanks for your time,
Tree-sa Wheeler  352-322-6305
On Budget Tree Service

Selection and Planting New Trees

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Spring is a great time of year to plant a tree! If you are thinking of planting a new tree there are many important factors to consider before you buy and plant a tree.

First, how much area do you have for the tree to grow? Many people see a beautiful live oak draped in Spanish Moss, sprawling in a green pasture and think “Oh, I want one of those!” But if they stop and consider the area the tree requires they might think twice. Any of the large species of trees require a great deal of room. When you plant a tree you need to consider what size the tree will be when mature and allow plenty of space away from buildings, driveways, sidewalks, roads, overhead utility lines, underground irrigation, septic systems and water wells. The tree grows as much (or more) underground as it does above ground so give it plenty of room to grow into a healthy specimen.

Second, the tree will need plenty of water as it establishes itself in your yard. Be sure you can provide the water it needs without too much inconvenience or you may tire of the aggravation and not give it the attention it requires.

Third, consider your climate and what trees are suited for your area. Read up on tree specimens that are disease resistant, drought (or wet if that is the case) tolerant, and pest resistant. These factors will play a role as the tree grows and if you chose the right species – it will thrive. Also, what type of soil do you have and is it a good fit for your choice of tree? Does the soil drain or will it be frequently wet?

Other factors include tree spacing if you are planting multiple trees. Make sure there is ample space between the trees to allow for their full mature spread. Is the soil compacted? If so you may have insufficient water to oxygen ratio for proper root development. If you plant for shade, does the tree lose its leaves in winter? And are you prepared to accept the fact that shade trees have leaves and leaves can be messy?

As you can see, there are many things to consider before selecting and planting a tree. Arborists can provide consultation for a fee. Nurseries may have suggestions for successful local choices. But you can also help yourself with some investigation and study into the topic and you will learn a lot of information that will benefit you and your tree far into the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog! Your questions and comments are always welcome.

Tree-sa Wheeler (352) 322-6305

On Budget Tree Service

March 2016 Neighbors Magazine

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Many of our customers enjoyed seeing the article featuring On Budget Tree Service in the several Ocala Neighbors magazines published by Best Version Media. These include SE Neighbors, SW Neighbors, Downtown Neighbors, Life at the Creek (Stone Creek) and Neighbors (On Top of the World). If you didn’t see the article and would like to read a little background on our company, I have pasted the 2 pages below. Enjoy!

Tree-sa Wheeler (352) 322-6305

On Budget Tree Service LLC

Download page 1 of the article here

Download page 2 of the article here