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OK, we admit, we are tooting our own horn here, but we can’t help it! We want you to know that On Budget Tree Service is more than just saws and equipment. Our team makes up the heart of our business.

Bob is a great example of this, after cutting down a large looming oak tree leaning dangerously close to one of our customer’s homes, Bob grabbed his chain saw and fashioned these three children’s chairs for our customer’s 3 boys. Aren’t they great! Bob has a real talent in crafting beautiful pieces from wood, here are two more examples of the kind of beauty he can create.

Another way that On Budget Tree Service is unique, we leave your yard more beautiful than we found it. No ruts from heavy bucket trucks, no strewn branches all over the place. We love a tidy safe yard, and that’s what we deliver.

Palm trees overgrown and looking ugly? We sculpt them to sheer elegance. Branches hanging down in odd places? We make your trees majestic again!

Call Tree-sa today, 352-322-6305, for a free walk through of your yard, she can point out potential dangerous situations, and save you money, and make your yard beautiful and safe from falling branches and potential windblown trees.

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