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Tree Pruning Done Right

Excessive pruning is not necessary, not healthy, and does not leave a pretty view. The poor live oak trees were butchered! And it’s too late once it’s done. You don’t know what you’ll get when you answer the door and allow just anyone to cut your trees. Call an Arborist for the results you’ll enjoy.

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Trees…A Different Perspective

Do you ever think about how trees benefit our daily lives? It is worth your time to pause and reflect upon these things. Besides being one of the biggest sources of clean fresh breathable air, which I highly appreciate, trees also provide average 10-20 degree cooler areas with their shading effects. They offer natural barriers

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Our Master Arborist

Meet Bob Rearick, our Master Arborist. Since 2015 Bob has been a loyal and dedicated team member. His dedication is apparent in every new hire we have. Congratulations, Bob, on your third year anniversary. We look forward to many more years working with you! Bob is the team member who created the beautiful children’s chairs

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Oh No – Mistletoe!

Now is the time for Spring Cleaning your trees, while we can still spot the parasitic mistletoe. If you have trees that look like this, please call Tree-sa as soon as possible. Mistletoe plants grow on a wide range of host trees, which experience common side effects including reduced growth, stunting, loss of branches and

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Trees R Us

OK, we admit, we are tooting our own horn here, but we can’t help it! We want you to know that On Budget Tree Service is more than just saws and equipment. Our team makes up the heart of our business. Bob is a great example of this, after cutting down a large looming oak

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